Flugtag 2013

This weekend I joined the 110,000 spectators who flocked to see the madness that was the 2013 Long Beach Flugtag. This competition, sponsored by Red Bull, is one where competitors build their own flying contraptions and then fling it (and themselves) off the Long Beach Pier into Rainbow Harbor.  As as self proclaimed adrenaline junkie and a lover of anything off beat this was right up my alley.

We got there right after the hangars opened and saw all 28 teams as they posed for pictures with their crafts. My two personal favorites were the anglerfish from Finding Nemo and the house from Up, both of which plummeted directly into the harbor during their attempt at flight. Other highlights of the day were: Chuck Aaron’s stunt helicopter air show, the Chicken Whispers’s world record setting flight, and Team Haunt’s epic fail. The day did not disappoint.

So will I be competing next year? For now, I think I will stick to being a spectator. Some of those crashes were GNARLY.


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