Lend a helping hand

Yesterday I had the honor of helping out with Face Forward’s annual gala. The charity, founded by the effervescent Deborah Alessi and her husband and top surgeon, David Alessi, offers pro-bono reconstructive surgery and emotional counseling for victims of domestic violence. It was a star studded affair, complete with a red carpet, exclusive auction items, and a powerhouse performance by Ms. Macy Gray (who is so nice and down to earth btw…). These glamorous events with all these moving parts don’t “just happen.” As I witnessed last night, it takes a whole team, a lot of patience, a ton of flexibility and a bit of magic to pull them off.

I was asked to help out by my friend (a seasoned road manager) who was asked to help out by her friend (a Face Forward board member) to help run talent at the event. It seemed that the the event planner, in my opinion, had bitten off a bit more than she could chew, and we were needed to lend a hand. My friend also called in four more friends to round out our rockstar team. For almost twelve hours straight we ran around making sure that all rider requirements were met, worked with volunteers, and wrangled talent and award recipients. We were thrown the extra curveballs of road closures (GLOW was going on two blocks away), swamped event parking, a delayed program start, and a program adjustment but we knocked them all out of the park. Oh, and did I mention that most of this was done sporting a floor length gown, headset, and (in my case) a freshly sprained ankle?

It was the most exhausting, frustrating, and exhilarating day that I have had in a long time. It definitely took me back to my days as a PA. And, while my legs are killing me today, I would absolutely love to help out again with future events.


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