Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen


I went back to archery with the main goal of not bruising myself and I succeeded! Progress people. My accuracy, however, was all over the place. My best grouping (2 bullseyes and one just outside the bullseye) was my very first set and it just went downhill from there.

In my very first class the volunteers/instructors made it a point to not give too much instruction on aiming. In class two, now that I’m an “old pro,” everyone made it a point to give me their advice. I totally appreciate their help because they are SO much more experienced than I am, but it got very confusing/overwhelming as most of their advice contradicted each others’. I would hold the bow one way and then and instructor would come up and be like, “What are you doing?” and then would adjust my stance. The next round I would try the adjusted stance and then another instructor would come by and be like, “Um…why are you holding the bow like that?” and adjust me to another stance. That continued for a few hours. It was crazy making. I even tried shooing with a heavier and right handed bow.

It goes to show that there are so many styles of shooting and it’s all about what makes you most comfortable. My goal for the next class is to improve my accuracy (while continuing to not bruise myself).


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