Work It Out: Groupon Style

My favorite form of exercise is channel surfing. But, with wedding dress shopping coming up in the next few months, I need to start getting into fighting shape. I love trying out all different kinds of exercise, but there is no way that I can justify paying the insane monthly membership fees. Enter Groupon to the rescue. I found a steal of a deal for The Beat Fitness in Sherman Oaks ($29/one month unlimited) and last night I decided to redeem it.

The Beat is a tiny studio located in the heart of Sherman Oaks. From the fire red carpet to the onyx walls, there is nothing “soft” about this gym. This is where women (and a handful of men) come to take care of business, and where fat comes to die. I started the night off with Tae Bo taught by co-owner Nathalie Bernard. I’ve taken Tae Bo-esque classes before but never a pure one and man there were a lot of kicks and knees. Nathalie called out and demoed all the movements and by the end she was sweating more than we were. It definitely had a bootcamp feel. The one critique I have of the class was the music. For 99% of the class it was some weird mash up of sirens and alarms. Not dubstep or house or techno. Sirens. And, I was right next to the speaker in a packed class. No bueno. But towards the end of the class, a remixed version of the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back came on and my entire attitude changed.

I am a crazy person so I decided to stay for a second class called Booty Camp. This class was very similar to the Tae Bo class but incorporated weights, a step, and ab work. Also, the music was much more recognizable as well…music. I could barely lift my legs and arms and was half-assing it for the entire class but I made it through.

I look forward to taking more Booty Camp classes and trying out their boxing and insanity classes too!


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