Print, don’t scribble.

I’ve been getting the most out of my Beat Fitness Groupon and have been going pretty regularly. So far, I have taken their: Tae Bo, Booty Camp, Insanity Express, and Core Tone & Sculpt classes. A few days ago I tried out their Boxing Bootcamp, and was surprised to see that my guest boxing instructor was none other than Billy Blanks! Having tried his at home workouts in the past, I knew exactly who he was, but now I couldn’t pause the DVD to take an extra breather on the couch.

While Billy has aged, he is still an intimidating force. There is no slacking off in his class. He kept yelling “Print, don’t scribble!” when we were working out new combinations on our bags. It’s about getting it right, and then getting it fast. He had us all line up and spar with him which was quite the experience. I learned really fast to keep my hands up because the moment I dropped them, I got bopped on the cheek. It didn’t hurt but it was surprising. Next were flying “Superman” punches. I couldn’t stop laughing as I awkwardly jumped and punched. We ended the class with back kicks and round house kicks. Those were my favorite! By the last set, I had moved my heavy bag 10 ft!

I was such a fun surprise having him teach the class and I look forward to taking more classes there.


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