Chicken Pickin’

A few days ago I went to see my friend, John, play rhythm guitar for alt-country guitarist, Jason Loughlin at The Mint. I showed up about bluesy dive bar about an hour before their set and met John backstage in their green room. We caught up on old times and he told me all about his life as a musician: the good and the bad. He introduced me to his bandmates as we listened to Mike Viola (That Thing You Do) tear it up on stage.

When John, Jason, and the rest of the band took the stage, I had no idea what to expect. Apart from checking out a few clips on iTunes, I had walked into this show relatively blind. It was awesome! I had no idea how good John was and Jason is unbelievable. If you have never heard of Jason Loughlin, check him out! His picking is insane. It’s like he has eight hands. He specializes in crazy fast twangy finger picking riffs that John later described to me as “chicken pickin.'” It was an absolute blast and I look forward to seeing more of these shows in the future.


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