Letting out my inner chameleon


I had always been curious about going blonde and I’m really glad I took the plunge. However, it wasn’t without stress. The final product (above right) took two appointments (one scheduled and one emergency appointment) to complete at The Paul Mitchell School. The first attempt (by a beginner student) was HORRIFIC and after 4.5 hours in the chair I walked out with yellow roots and brunette ends with white, yellow, orange and brown spots all over. I wanted to cry. Maybe I wasn’t meant to rock the blonde? I came back the next day to see if they could fix the mess and they fit me right in. My student stylist (advanced this time) and her teacher discussed two options with me: go bright blonde all over (bold) or layer brunette highlights in (safe). You can see which option I chose and I’m so happy I did because while I love my brunette hair, I love how glamorous my new look makes me feel.

Take Away Tip:

Going to hair schools are GREAT ways to save $$$. However, if you are going for a BOLD change make sure you request an advanced student. While it may cost a few bucks more,  it will save you a lot of time and heartache.